Recap: Lakers beat Suns, climb over .500 for the first time in 3 years

The Lakers had not won three straight games in almost a year and they had not been over .500 after opening night in almost 3 years.

With two straight wins against Golden State and Atlanta, the Lakers had a chance to do both of those things with a win over the Phoenix Suns.

Some of the starters may have faltered but that didn’t stop the Lake Show from beating the Suns 119 to 108.

Lou Williams and Nick Young were good

Lou Williams and Nick Young were the Lakers’ most consistent offensive players in today’s contest.

Young was deadly from the perimeter. He made 3-7 three pointers and had 22 points to go along with seven rebounds, and is becoming a valuable player to the Lake show.

Lou Williams may not have scored as much as Nick but he was better all around. He had six assists and was facilitating in the PnR quite well, He also had 14 points to go with four rebounds.

Julius Randle is a Monster

After the 20 point win over the Warriors in which Julius Randle had 20 points to go with 14 rebounds, rookie coach Luke Walton called him a “Monster”. His reasoning was that Randle is too big and too fast to stop and he proved it again tonight. He has 10 points in the first quarter and ended the night with a line of 18/5/4 with a couple of really good looking passes.

He wasn’t just scoring his points in the paint as he showed off his much improved jumper and even made a fadeaway to solidify the Lakers’ win. Randle finished the game making 6 of 9 (nice) field goal attempts and he is looking more and more like a monster on the court.

The Lakers are better than expected

I think most fans expected the Lakers to be much improved this year and for them to be more competitive. Losing Kobe Bryant and he who shall not be named is huge for a young team, but the results are unexpected. Four wins against Houston, Atlanta, Golden State, and the Suns were not probable and yet they won each game by more than seven.

It’s only been seven games but the Lakers look like a solid team and are getting better each day.

The Lakers bench is Elite

The Lake Show is winning games and their starters may not even be the biggest reason for that. As of right now, the Lakers have the best scoring bench in the entire league.

They were averaging over 50 points per game and today they solidified their high scoring second unit with 47 points tonight. It’s easy to say the bench is the best reason for the Lakers 4-3 record.

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