Welcome To The Larry Nance Jr. Fan Club

Hello, Lakers fans. I’d like to welcome you to the Larry Nance, Jr. Fan Club. The second year player is a gem to watch. When he was first drafted, there was no question about his athletic abilities. But for the casual fans who may be unfamiliar with him a bit still, let’s do a quick introduction.

Larry Nance, Jr. was the 27th pick in the 2015 draft by the Lakers. He spent four years at the University of Wyoming. His dad is Larry Nance, Sr., who is indeed the man who won the very first NBA slam dunk contest in 1984. It’s safe to say that gene runs in the family.

Last season, after watching Nance, Jr. in quite a few games, I found myself thinking, “Man, this guys is going to be a good addition to the team.” Last night against the Warriors showed why. Not only did he have the instantly viral dunk on David West, but he had plenty of other nice highlights to go with it.

Not bad, right?

If these baby Lakers don’t have fans excited this season, then I don’t know what would do the trick for them. Last night’s Warriors game showed why there’s so much to look forward to from these players. But let’s get back to the Larry Nance, Jr. Fan Club.

We can expect more great dunks from him. It was only the sixth game of the season and I know I’m excited for the next 76.

There was a good length of time where the Lakers bench just couldn’t get anything going. It was rough to watch and that time may finally be over. With players like Larry Nance, Jr. coming off the bench, there will still be a high energy level out on the court. The Lakers bench is even currently leading the NBA in scoring. Who would have expected that?

Needless to say, Larry Nance, Jr. will be a joy to watch this year as he continues to contribute off of the bench and as he continues to progress as a player. Not only has he been great on offense, but he’s been doing the little things on defense as well. He’s shaping up to be a nice all-around player.

That said, I hope some of you will join me in this fan club and I’ll continue to track his progress as the season goes on. And now I’ll just leave you with this tweet:


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