Recap: Lakers Blow Out Warriors, Ensure Finals Meeting with Cavs

Fans of the Lake Show came into the game against the Golden State Warriors looking to see if the Lakers could compete against the Dubs like they did in the prior 5 contests.

Not only did they compete, but they dominated Golden State, emulating (to an extent) the Showtime Lakers whose throwback jerseys they wore. The closest the lead got was four points as the Lakers led from start to finish. They eventually won the game by 20 points.

The Lakers won and it was amazing

The Lakers are Finals bound (I’m Kidding?)

To say the Lakers have competed is oversimplifying how they’ve played. They won against Houston, Atlanta and lastly Golden State, not only beating the final team but blowing them out. Even in the losses they’ve kept it close.

They’ve played good defense and and have been solid on offense the entire season; they were great on both ends once again tonight. I’m not saying they can make the playoffs but if some of the other teams competing for the 8 seed falter just a bit the Lakers could sneak in. And you know who they’ll probably play as the 8 seed? The Warriors. Take that as you will. (Editor’s Note: I’ll yell at Drew for even considering this and raising expectations tomorrow. Let the kid have some fun tonight.)

This young core is amazing

I can’t state how important Julius Randle has been so far for the Lakers this year. He’s been an instrumental part of the offense playing as a very deadly post player and ball handler in transition.  Contrary to last year, he’s also been great on defense as an important cog in defending PnR’s. Tonight he put up a fantastic stat line of 20/14/2 and dominated Julius Randle lite A.K.A Draymond “Karate Kid” Green.

D’Angelo Russell in only 21 minutes had 17 points and 4 rebounds and actually made a  three-pointer unlike the “MVP” Steph Curry.  Even when he’s not scoring he’s making great passes and tonight he did both.

Brandon Ingram didn’t shoot well and still had a line of 12/6/3/2 and had a couple of defensive stops. His shot looks a bit off but he’s still a good all around player and looks incredibly advanced for his age.

Larry Nance, Jr. should be in jail

Larry Nance, Jr. is known to Laker fans as a great all around player. He hustles up and down the court and will fight for every rebound, steal and point.

But to many non Laker fans he will be known as the guy who put David West 6 feet under.

Yes you saw that correctly. He jumped up and dunked on David West and I don’t think I’ve seen anything better. And not only did he do that but he also had a line of 12/9/2 and looked great alongside Julius Randle in the front court to end the game. Why trade one when we can have both?

Lou Williams scores a lot

Lou has been great off the bench this year, but no one could have seen him going for 20 points against the Warriors. Well he did just that and it was great. It seemed like Sweet Lou would score every time he got the ball, and if he didn’t make a field goal he would shoot some free throws as he made 4 tonight.

Fan takeaways

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