Thunder 113, Lakers 96: Offensive struggles cost Lakers

As part of their first road trip of the season, the Lakers traveled to Oklahoma City for a match-up on Sunday afternoon.

However, after a fast start, the Lakers fell behind big and were never able to comeback, falling to the Thunder,

After a fast start, the Lakers fell behind big before a frenetic fourth-quarter comeback to take home the win.

Julius Randle is still very good

For as putrid the Lakers’ offense was at times tonight, the brightest spot was Julius Randle. Randle came out on fire in the first quarter and while he cooled off a bit, he was still the best player on the court on the offensive end for much of the game.

Randle finished with a stat-stuffing line of 20/9/3/3, but he was the lone Laker who was efficient on the night, finishing 7-for-10 from the field and 6-for-9 (nice) at the line.

The Lakers’ offense struggled again

Against Utah on Friday, the Lakers struggled on offense. Tonight, it was much of the same as they shot 40 percent from the field, 21 percent from the three-point line and 34.8 percent on uncontested shots. None of those are good!

Pair that with 21 turnovers and you get an idea of how things went wrong.

The good sign is that the Lakers did create a lot of open looks and the offense is doing it’s job. If the shooting improves, the Lakers will be in, and win, more games. However, it’s more likely we get something like the last two games where they hang around, but can’t get the breakthrough.

Russell Westbrook is good at basketball

Few players can control a game from all facets like Russell Westbrook can. The #FutureLaker finishing with a line of 33/16/12, destroying the Lakers in the pick-and-roll all night long. While he only had 12 rebounds, many of them came late and in big moments, and Russ slammed the door shut on the Lakers late in the fourth.

Fortunately for Laker fans, we’re roughly three years away from Westbrook in a Laker jersey.

Fan Takeaways

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