Laker Film Room: Game One Analysis

Wednesday night’s game one of the 2016/17 season went perfectly. The Lakers won, fans were happy, and the young core played great. But how exactly did all of those things play out?

Despite having a bottom five defense in the league the Rockets are a good team due to a red-hot offense led by James Harden. It’s a very fast and efficient offense that not many teams can slow down, and the Lakers didn’t even bother trying to stop it for the first half of the game.

While they didn’t play much defense the Lakers pulled a win by countering each Rocket scoring play with one of their own. Effectively beating the Rockets at their own game and surprisingly still left a lot of points on the table.

In a new episode from Laker Film Room, Pete Zayas analyzes how the Lakers won the game and evaluates significant performances.

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