Laker Film Room: Scouting Report on Utah Jazz

While Wednesday night’s performance against the Houston Rockets is one that will surely not be forgotten anytime soon, the season quickly continues for the Lakers as they travel to Utah on Friday for their first road game of the year.

The Jazz, surprisingly, did not fold as a franchise after having Kobe Bryant drop 60 points on them in his final game, but hey, if the Warriors can handle blowing a 3-1 lead in the NBA Finals with the unanimous MVP, I guess any franchise can get through their darkest times.

Instead, they went out and signed 7-time All-Star Joe Johnson, traded for George Hill and brought in Boris Diaw and his coffee machine this off-season.

With Gordon Hayward sidelined, the Jazz will have slightly less bite to them to start the year, but still feature Rudy Gobert and his 9’7″ wingspan (rough estimate) and #FutureLaker Dante Exum.

In his newest scouting report, Pete Zayas looks at the Jazz’s motion offense and how the Lakers can contain it better than they did last season.

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