Laker Film Room: Houston Rockets Scouting Report

The Lakers start off the season Wednesday playing the Houston Rockets, and its important for the Lakers to know how the Rockets play and what type of plays they use.

While most Laker fans know enough about the Rockets to know their best player is James Harden, and that the Rocket’s defense is sub par, the average fan doesn’t know what type of offense they run and what types of schemes they use.

An important detail to know is the Rockets are under a new head coach in former Lakers head coach Mike D’Antoni. Under D’Antoni, they’re running a new high-powered offense that made players such as Nick Young and Kendall Marshall perform beyond their talent.

In a new episode from Laker Film Room, Pete Zayas analyzes the Rockets, and what offensive schemes they run and what to watch out for. Zayas also goes over the Rockets pick and roll defense, and how D’Angelo Russell can exploit its weaknesses.

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