Laker Film Room: Brandon Ingram’s breakout game against the Warriors

Brandon Ingram had a largely difficult time in the preseason. The rookie forward has had trouble adjusting to the NBA game, thus far, to no one’s surprise.

Ingram had success on the defensive end, mostly through using his insane length to his advantage. Against the Warriors, however, the second overall pick finally had a breakout on the offensive end.

Ingram’s shot finally started falling, using a variety of skilled moves to get himself open. Luke Walton helped his young player out by allowing him to run as a point forward at times, letting him get comfortable as a first option.

Ingram finished the game with 21 points and four assists, while also grabbing seven rebounds. It was a confidence-sparking performance for the 19-year-old as he heads into the games that count.

In a new episode from Laker Film Room, Pete Zayas analyzes Ingram’s improvements and how he was able to get shots against the likes of Kevin Durant and Andre Iguodala. Zayas also looks at other significant moments and players from the game, in which the Lakers showed more success in hanging with the league’s elite.

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