Lakers considering adding Metta World Peace to coaching staff

The Lakers re-signed Metta World Peace this offseason in hopes of him competing for a roster spot and because of his role as a mentor to the younger players.

But his chances of making the roster were, and still are are, slim.

He’s averaging 5.2 mpg and other players competing for the last roster spot have played more minutes and have played better throughout the preseason.

So with his chances looking worse and worse every game, The Lakers are interested in making Metta into an assistant coach if he doesn’t make the roster.


While he can be a mentor as a player he could be a much better mentor as an assistant coach.

This would open up a potential roster spot and help alleviate any issues the Lakers might have in final roster cuts, which we looked into earlier this month. Given MWP’s level of play last season and this preseason, it’s clear he’s no longer an NBA-level talent and an assistant coaching role seems like the best solution for both sides.



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