Los Angeles Lakers: 5 Trades The Lakers Could Make With Lou Williams

So maybe Lou Williams isn’t as great of a fit with the Lakers as I thought.

After spending weeks (or months) caping for Williams throughout the summer as a good player with a crazy-high free throw rate with an ability to hit open shots, Williams has come out with a generally putrid performance this off-season.

Williams has been a ball-stopper on offense and really bad at ball-stopping on defense. For those unaware, this is not a good combination. Turns out being a ball-stopping, iso-playing guard in an offense based on ball movement doesn’t work. Who would have thunk it.

Pair this with the surprise emergence of Nick Young and Williams is in an awkward position. His contract and skill level warrants him a spot in the rotation but his play style and weaknesses (i.e. defense) don’t.

Williams still has plenty of value somewhere in the league. But the further we move into this season, the more evident it becomes that place is not with the Lakers.

Since a trade now seems inevitable, let’s take a look at some early-season deals that could come into fruition.

Orlando Magic


Look, I don’t need a reason to bring Jodie Meeks back. I could tell you that the Magic need a guard who can do offense good or that Jodie is a more natural fit in LA, but in reality, if there’s a chance I can create a fake trade to bring Jodie back, I’m going to do it.


Milwaukee Bucks


Soon, the Bucks will realize that Michael Beasley is not the answer to their lack of outside shooting. When that day comes, few teams are better equipped to help them than the Lakers, who have an outside shooter they can’t use.

Now, a 3-for-1 deal is not happening, but for it to work in terms of money, this was the simplest solution. There are people smarter than I in front offices (shocker, I know) who can make this work, but I think a package around Rashad Vaugh or Malcolm Brodgon is interesting, especially the latter who I think might be a better prospect than Anthony Brown at this point.

Memphis Grizzlies

Screen Shot 2016-10-18 at 12.23.11 AM.png

QUICK! Name the Grizzlies’ best outside shooter! You can’t. Because it doesn’t exist.

When Chandler Parsons’ knees combust and the Grizzlies are left with Tony Allen as their best three-point shooter (no really, he was third-best on the team last year), they will desperately begin searching for help.

The Lakers will gladly take a prospect that nearly fell to them in Deyonta Davis, but more importantly they’ll take Vince Carter and another Farewell Tour!

Washington Wizards

Screen Shot 2016-10-18 at 12.36.26 AM.png

The only trade on this list where I team isn’t just desperately seeking someone who can shoot from beyond 18 feet.

In this scenario, the Wizards realize “Wow! We could actually be a good team!” and thus need to make a move to strengthen their bench. Lou Williams is the perfect sixth man for this team when Bradley Beal gets hurt or John Wall tries to play with six broken bones in his hand.

In return, the Lakers take a risk on Oubre, a player who still has some upside but was meh last season. Sure he’s tearing up the preseason, averaging 14.6 points on 38.5% three-point shooting, but I’m going to ignore that and hope the Wizards send him out west.

Brooklyn Nets/Portland Trail Blazers

Screen Shot 2016-10-18 at 12.46.14 AM.png

In my opinion, the Lakers should trade for all the Indiana Hoosiers.

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