Preview: Lakers rematch against the Sacramento Kings

After a 106-109 overtime loss against the Trail Blazers on Tuesday, the Los Angeles Lakers look to rebound against the Sacramento Kings Thursday night. The game will be played at 7:30 PM PST and will be televised on Spectrum Sportsnet.

The biggest thing to watch out for is how does D’Angelo Russell plays after a bad game against the Trail Blazers, and if Jordan Clarkson keeps up his consistency. Russell was down right atrocious Tuesday night, shooting 6-21 with only one assist. It was a shocking performance after seeing him score 21 and 33 points against the Denver Nuggets in 2 games last week.

With many focusing on Russell, fans seem to forget about Jordan Clarkson who has been consistent throughout the preseason. He recently scored 15 points against the Blazers while playing great defense so look to see if he keeps this up

There are many players worth watching other than the backcourt. Julius Randle, Nick Young, Timofy Mozgov and Brandon Ingram are some of the more notable.

Randle had two straight games were he showed vast improvements in his passing and scoring. He scored 13 points and he didn’t just bully his way to the basket. He was precise and deliberate with his footwork. He’s been much better this preseason and his passing and scoring have definitely improved.

Nick Young shot well in the previous game, and fans should look forward to seeing if he can shoot constantly down the road like against the Blazers. Luke Walton praised his defense, and it will be interesting to watch how he plays on that side of the court.

Mozgov played well in only 15 minutes against the Blazers so he may end up playing more against the Kings. He provided good defense and was great in the pick and roll. It will be fun to see how he and Russell play together after a successful night for Mozgov.

Brandon Ingram hasn’t played particularly good this preseason. He hasn’t shot well and has only made a couple three-pointers. Despite poor play he is still an exciting player as he’s played exceptional defense and has had a variety of blocks and dunks throughout the preseason. Every time he gets the ball you should have your eyes glued to the screen because you never know when he’s going to have a breakout game. The game against the Kings may very well be that game.

This looks to be another fun game against the Kings. The Lakers have hungry players coming off bad games looking to play better, and multiple players who payed well against a much tougher Blazers squad. After barely losing to the Trail Blazers look for the Lakers to come back hungry for a win.

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