Lakers discussing, planning National Anthem protest

Much of the talk off-the-field this NFL season has been based around Colin Kaepernick, whose protest during the National Anthem has grown rapidly, spreading across the NFL and into other sports like the Indiana Fever of the WNBA and Megan Rapinoe of the women’s national soccer team.

With the NBA season in the near future, teams and players have commented on the matter, including the Los Angeles Lakers during Monday’s media day.

Multiple Lakers mentioned that the team and organization had talked about making a protest and were still working out the details. However, no formal plan had been made yet.

The Lakers appear willing and ready to make a debate, but also are focused on being informed and calculated in the same decision. Or basically, the Lakers appear to be handling this as expertly as Kaepernick has handled his protest.

With the first preseason game set for Sunday, October 9, the Lakers will have plenty of to think and collaborate before a protest would be made.

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