Laker Film Room: Analysis of Jordan Clarkson’s Defense

Last year, the Los Angeles Lakers were notorious for being a bad team on both sides of the court. They did not score much and they gave up a lot of points. Despite that, defense is seen as the biggest problem as most of the young core is offensively minded and defensively deficient. While playing well on offense, Jordan Clarkson is one of those players who lacks defensive skills.

Clarkson was the 46th pick in the 2014 draft, and was immediately traded from the Wizards to the Lakers. Most fans didn’t think too much of him as the focus was on the team’s 7th overall pick Julius Randle. But after Randle broke his leg, Clarkson was the only promising young player actually playing. He would show effort all over the court which led to fans rooting for him.

But effort isn’t everything as friend of Lakers Outsiders, Pete Zayas, points out in the latest episode of Laker Film Room. He goes over exactly where Jordan Clarkson falters, but also shows that there is optimism for his future defensive play.

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