Laker Film Room: Jose Calderon’s Fit on the Lakers

One of the best moves the Lakers made in the offseason was acquiring Jose Calderon from the Chicago Bulls via trade. The front office took advantage of a team needing to clear cap space to take Calderon and his contract while getting two second-round picks as well.

While most focused on the picks as the primary motive of the trade, Calderon was not a bad get, either. An 11-year veteran, Calderon is a great veteran leader for the young Lakers, especially for fellow guards D’Angelo Russell and Jordan Clarkson.

Calderon may be able to provide some great skills on the court, as well. The Spaniard is one of the best shooters in the league and an underrated playmaker. He does not contribute often at a high volume but his efficiency and skillset can all be useful. Last season, for example, Calderon put up a 57.1 true shooting percentage and 22.4 assist percentage despite the lowest usage rate of his career.

In the latest Laker Film Room episode, Pete Zayas takes a look at how Calderon’ skillset fits in with these Los Angeles Lakers. His strengths can be manipulated to maximize his contributions to the team although his weaknesses (e.g. defense) will limit that potential.

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