D’Angelo Russell, Karl-Anthony Towns play one-on-one for 2K motion capture

While we all know that Karl-Anthony Towns will eventually join D’Angelo Russell in Los Angeles to form the next great duo, for now they are on opposing teams.

So while we postpone the inevitable, Russell and Towns can have a little bit of a friendly rivalry. Towns was the number one overall pick in Russell’s draft class and the unanimous winner of the Rookie of the Year award. In just one season, the big man has shown that he has the potential to be a transcendent star.

Russell’s rookie year was more bumpy than Towns’. Through coaching issues, Kobe Bryant’s farewell tour , and his own missteps, Russell had some struggles. Nevertheless, the Lakers point guard had a solid rookie year of his own and has many hoping for a breakout in his sophomore season.

Before that begins, however, Russell and Towns are partaking in some one-on-one games. The reason? NBA 2K’s motion capture. The pair’s actions will be mimicked by their likeness in the game. With the slick shooting presented in the very short vine below, Russell’s 79 overall rating is bound to improve, right?

Russell and Towns (who seem to be friends off the court) seem to be having lots of fun despite the suits they have to wear while shooting.

Imagine how much fun they’ll have when they’re on banana boats and Lakers’ practices together.

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