D’Angelo Russell shows love for the Lakers coaching staff on Twitter

Professional athletes, they’re just like us.

Lakers Twitter collectively praised the hiring of Luke Walton and his staff, and a popular trend of Lakers players tweeting their feelings about their coaches has continued. The latest is D’Angelo Russell, which could have been sparked by the Lakers promoting Casey Owens to Walton’s coaching staff.

Russell, a fan-favorite, tweeted like Lakers fans have been all summer long. The difference is that Russell works hands-on with the new staff, while us fans have been spectating from afar. It is a relief to see Russell is taking to his coaches well after the Byron Scott freight train repeatedly ran through him in his rookie campaign.

The team has not hesitated to express how their feelings for their coaches, which only confirms the good word that had been spread about head coach Luke Walton. The players are mirroring the widespread happiness about the coaching staff and look energized and ready to work.

Not trusting of Russell’s word? Check out what Kobe thinks about Luke, Brian Shaw, and the rest of the Lakers franchise.

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