D’Angelo Russell plays basketball with puppies, and yes, it’s adorable

You won’t find two defenders with more energy.

For those of you not following along with D’Angelo Russell’s offseason, he’s taken no days off. From basketball to boxing, to Foot Locker commercials — Russell has been a busy man. Keeping up with that kind of a rigorous schedule has to be a tough task for the now second-year player, but Russell has just faced the toughest double-team he’s seen yet. (h/t Rob Lopez of Def Pen Sports)

These pups bring tenacity on defense. Russell has to match up against players like Chris Paul four times a year and he’s doing all he can to prepare for what’s to come in the upcoming NBA season. Credit the puppy in the pink for staying in front of the ball handler and not crossing its feet.

This video was arguably been more exciting than Olympic basketball. Russell playing basketball against different puppies each week would be must see TV. (I’m looking at you, Time Warner Cable SportsNet)

The puppies obviously have what it takes defensively, but do they have the offensive firepower to be competitive? Their favorite play was the pick-and-rollover, but can they expand their playbarking?

If this video has proved anything, it is that Russell (@Dloading) is a must follow on Instagram, based off of his stories alone.


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