Brandon Ingram responds to Kevin Durant’s praise

Ever since Brandon Ingram came into the conversation as a potential #1 pick he was compared to Kevin Durant. Due to his lanky body and his potential to be a dual threat near the basket and on the perimeter, the Lakers #2 pick has been compared to the newly signed Warrior many times.

And while some don’t share that same sentiment, Kevin Durant himself does. He believes that their playing styles are very similar and even went as far as saying that Brandon is further along at 18 than he was.

While experts agree that Brandon Ingram is very talented and will be a skilled player for years to come, they don’t think he will be on Durant’s level. Brandon Ingram echoed a similar statement after he heard of his idol’s statement, via Aaron Torres of Fox Sports.

“It’s a very special comparison,” Ingram said. “But, of course, I know I’m not him. I know I’m not him yet, but I have the potential to make my own brand. Of course, you grow up with him as an idol, and in a few months he’s going to become my rival. It’s going to be a dream come true. I think just watching him for so long and having the ability to actually learn and play against him is just going to be a special motivation for me as a competitor and someone who really looked up to him.”


Brandon knows who he is and doesn’t want to be the next Kevin Durant. Despite aspiring to be on KD’s level as a player, Ingram knows he should temper expectations. Instead of focusing on the comparisons, the rookie is looking to make his own mark on basketball history.

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