Report: Kobe Bryant organizes meeting between LAPD, Black Lives Matter activists

It has been three months since Kobe Bryant retired from professional basketball in the most storybook of endings. Bryant has kept himself busy, however, in aspiring to new goals and heights.

One day after expressing his desire to inspire the youth to sacrifice in order to reach their dreams at the ESPYs, Kobe is inspiring many in a different way. According to Dave Zirin of Edge of Sports, the former Laker is doing his part to find a solution to what has been a national issue for far too long:


This is, of course, related to a new string of police shootings against Black men in Baton Rouge and St. Paul as well shootings of police in Dallas over the past week.

These are the latest in a long history of such violent occurrences in the United States. They are also ones that have pushed athletes, especially in the NBA, to speak out about injustice and violence. Some of the league’s foremost superstars (namely Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul, Dwyane Wade, and LeBron James) have put their voices in the discussion to inspire movements and changes to be made to a sad truth.

Bryant may no longer be in the league, but he is still a major voice in the country and in the world. His presence in Los Angeles, especially, is monumentally large and in such a large metropolis, that voice matters.

This alleged meeting may not solve any issues right away. However, it is a great step to take in creating a dependable solution. By getting members of different parties, who should hold the same ultimate viewpoint of saving innocent lives, to get together and partake in conversation is huge in and of itself.

As the report states, Kobe is far from the only athlete or celebrity to be joining in on the conversation. But his voice may be just a bit louder than the others and that matters. This could be a small catalyst for future changes and the ultimate success of the Black Lives Matter movement.

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