Brandon Ingram likes Luke Walton’s style of coaching

Luke Walton wanted Brandon Ingram. If the Lakers had the first overall pick, Luke would still pick Ingram. Ingram fits well with the Lakers’ offense. He can shoot, pass, score and defend. He solidifies the Lakers’ need for a talented player on the wing.

Ingram along with the Lakers’ summer league team participated in their first practice this morning and he is already in love with Walton’s style of coaching.

Walton preaches a fun culture of basketball that allows players to be themselves on the court. It is a great sign that Ingram is already getting along with Walton. Last year, there were some miscommunications problems with the Lakers’ young core and Byron Scott. Ingram and Walton seem to be on the same page.

It helps that Ingram sees himself as a coachable player

The Lakers are in a great position. Their two newest acquisitions in player and coach already have a good rapport with each other.

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