Video: Brandon Ingram’s basketball journey

The NBA draft is on Thursday and a future star will hear his name selected by the Los Angeles Lakers. That future star could be former Duke’s Brandon Ingram. The Lakers are reportedly high on Ingram. The Lakers lack front court depth and Ingram would be an exceptional fit to fill that void. Ingram is a great scorer and a decent shooter from deep. He also has a 7-foot-3 inch wingspan that will be disruptive on the defensive end.

A lot of casual fans know Ingram’s physical capabilities and basketball skills, but do we know his personal story? Duke Basketball did a wonderful job documenting Ingram’s journey from when he was a kid in middle school to his decision to play for Duke University. The nine-minute clip shows Ingram’s deep and passionate love for the game of basketball. Ingram spent most of his time growing up shooting hoops at a local gym his father ran. He even skipped his senior prom opportunity for the hardwood floor in the gym.

Ingram’s journey is inspiring, and it could all come to fruition on Thursday when he hears his name called in the NBA draft. Hopefully, it will be by the Lakers. Check out the awesome video here:

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