Kyrie Irving has the ‘Mamba mentality’

Congratulations are in order to most of the new NBA Champion Cleveland Cavaliers, only excluding owner Dan Gilbert. Congratulations to #FormerLaker Tyronn Lue, who won his first championship as a coach. Congratulations to LeBron James, Kobe Bryant’s “co-star” in the Nike ‘MVPuppets’ commercials. Congratulations to JR Smith, for always shooting his shot. And last but not least, congratulations to avid Kobe Bryant fan, Kyrie Irving.

Irving has made his Kobe fandom well-known, and he didn’t forget to bring up the Mamba after winning his first NBA Championship. When asked about the end of Game 7, Irving had a source of inspiration:

When hitting the eventual game-winner over the unanimous MVP, could you have any other mindset? Kobe is sure to have something interesting to say about Irving’s statement, having already formed a relationship with the younger guard during their time on Team USA.

This quote screams #FutureLaker, but we’ll let Cleveland fans have this moment with Irving. It’s not every day a franchise captures its first world title and much less winning a championship in the fashion the Cavaliers did.

This moment is theirs, but they can’t complain when LeBron brings all of his buddies with him to come play for the Lakers to cap his career.

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