Laker Film Room Episode Three: Flow Offense

The Golden State Warriors are on the verge of their second consecutive NBA championship, as they hold a 3-1 NBA Finals series lead over the Cleveland Cavaliers, with Game 5 coming on Monday night. That means that Luke Walton is on the brink of leaving the Warriors for the Los Angeles Lakers, going from lead assistant to head coach of the franchise he won two championships with as a player.

The Lakers will go from Byron Scott’s old school mentality to a modernized thinker in Walton, who comes from the league’s most lethal offense that utilizes a revolutionary approach.

The young core of the Lakers will have a chance to shine under a new offense that preaches ball movement and man movement, as opposed to the heavy isolation sets ran the past few years.

In episode three of Laker Film Room‘s series, “Luke to the Lakers,” he breaks down elements of the Flow Offense that we could see Walton implement in Los Angeles next season. For past and future videos, be sure to follow @LakerFilmRoom on Twitter and subscribe to his YouTube channel.

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