Kobe Bryant: Ghostbuster?

Kobe Bryant was always the answer to the question, “Who ya gonna call?”, when the Lakers needed someone to take over the game. The Mamba has apparently been doing some promo for the reboot of the movie that made that line famous.

This morning, The Players Tribune showed their coverage of Bryant shooting promo for the new Ghostbusters film. Here’s their video of his shoot for the movie, which comes out on July 15th.

You can see Kobe’s debut as a Ghostbuster tonight during Game 1 of the NBA Finals, airing at 6 PM PST on ABC.

Bryant has made what seems to be a seamless transition from the hardwood to the silver screen, already having shot a couple commercials with Michael B. Jordan. This is arguably the second best thing Kobe has done in 2016, behind him dropping 60 in his last NBA basketball game. Who knows if he will use his Proton Pack or just death-stare the ghosts into submission.

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