Laker Film Room Episode Two: Half Court Principles

The Los Angeles Lakers will be entering a new era next season with Luke Walton at the helm. The current Warriors assistant coach has pledged that he will be bringing many of the concepts from the reigning champs’ system to apply in Los Angeles. That should leave fans excited for the future with a talented young core learning the basics and the nuances of a high-level team’s style of play.

The Lakers’ half court offense was atrocious most of the time last season. The team’s bigs struggled with setting effective screens and there was virtually no off-ball movement or action during most sets. This is not to mention the slow-developing nature of the offense leading to late-clock situations being a major part of the team’s struggles.

In episode two of the Laker Film Room series “Luke to the Lakers,” Lakers Outsiders partner Pete Zayas takes a look at the contrast between the half court principles of the Lakers and Warriors and how Walton can help improve how the Lakers’ offense runs.

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