Laker Film Room Episode One: Transition Principles

Fans of the Los Angeles Lakers have plenty to be excited about for the remainder of the 2016 offseason. The team experienced more NBA Draft Lottery luck, landing the No. 2 overall pick in the 2016 NBA Draft, which puts them in a position to draft either Ben Simmons or Brandon Ingram on June 23. Draft night won’t end there, though, seeing as the Lakers also have the No. 32 pick, where they will hope to find another steal.

About a week after, the front office will have around $60 million to use in free agency, as they hope to turn their luck around from the past two free agency periods where they came away empty-handed.

There is no question that the Lakers are in a great position to add talent to the roster this offseason, but fans are also excited about the man that will lead next season’s squad: Luke Walton. Once Golden State’s postseason run is over, Walton will officially begin his tenure as the head coach of the Lakers.

Walton intends to bring a similar playing style with him from the defending champions, which should lead to a far more exciting brand of Lakers basketball than the past two seasons.

For episode one of the Laker Film Room series titled “Luke to the Lakers,” partner of Lakers Outsiders, Pete Zayas, examines some of the transition principles that Walton will likely bring over from his time with the Warriors and preach to his new team as they attempt to push tempo far more often this season.

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