Lakers Outsiders 2016 NBA Mock Draft: Vote our draft order!

The NBA Draft Lottery is just four days away, and the nerves of the Los Angeles Lakers and their fans will continue to build as each one of them passes. Will they keep their top-three protected pick or will they be forced to convey the fourth or fifth pick to the Philadelphia 76ers? Tuesday night, we will have our answer.

What we can do before then, however, is enjoy the notion of the Lakers having a top-three pick, just in case they do indeed lose it on lottery night. Ben Simmons or Brandon Ingram? Who will be available when the Lakers are on the clock with the 32nd pick?

We will be playing out a hypothetical NBA Draft scenario with our first group mock draft on Sunday evening at 10 PM Eastern Standard Time, live on the podcast, with our write-ups for each pick being conducted the following day. The draft order in terms of the teams will be based on regular season standings, giving Los Angeles the 2nd pick in this mock draft.

Before we make the picks, though, we are letting you, the fans, decide. Our mock draft participants are myself (@garykester), Honi (@blssblog), Jacob (@jacobrude), Dillon (@dahiser), Kyle (@kylejhartwick) and Thai (@thailuong33).

The person with the most votes will get to choose for the Lakers with the No. 2 overall pick, while the second-highest vote-getter will actually choose first with the 76ers. The rest of the order will be based on number of votes in descending order. The picks will then rotate for the rest of the draft, concluding with the No. 32 pick for the Lakers. That pick will also be made by the same mock general manger that picks for the Lakers at No. 2.

Who do you want to make the Lakers picks in the first 2016 Lakers Outsiders NBA Mock Draft? Choose wisely.

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