Lakers release 2016 preseason schedule

The Los Angeles Lakers do not know who they will officially start their post-Kobe Bryant era against when the regular season tips off at the end of October.

What they do know, though, are the first eight matchups of game action they will see before that moment comes. The team announced via Twitter the slate of games lined up after the start of training camp and before the regular season begins.

Early on in this season, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver had thrown out the idea of shortening the preseason, eliminating at least a few of the traditional eight-game schedule. While that may still happen in the future, it will not take place next season.

To no surprise, all of the games are close to Los Angeles, so the Lakers will not have to worry much about traveling.

Training camp is a little over four months away, and the Lakers have plenty of work to do before then. They have landed their man in Luke Walton, getting the offseason off to a fantastic start. Next up will be to fill out his coaching staff and wait to see how the ping pong balls bounce on May 17.

This will be a crucial, yet exciting offseason for the Lakers as they start building for a new era.

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