Byron Scott: Music’s next superstar

With the Lakers 2015-2016 season finished, we all have a bit more time to do extracurricular activities. Some find time to catch up on TV shows, tend to their yard, or drop [insert fire emoji] albums? Well, that’s the case for *current* Lakers head coach Byron Scott. Scott already has a background in music that stems back to 1987. Byron has yet to find his footing as the Lakers coach but, as you’ll see, has certainly made a name for himself in the music industry.

‘Songs from the Foxhole’ debuted at #1* on the Lakers Outsiders Top 100 albums list (*only album on the list). ‘Fist Fight’ and ‘Soft’ were wildly popular among fans, each going quadruple platinum. Both songs are great in their own respect, but ‘Man Up (In Here)’ was arguably the album’s biggest success. Here’s an excerpt from Scott’s smash hit:

“Y’all gon’ make me lose my job;

man up in here, man up in here.

Y’all really need to go all out;

Up in here, up in here.

The whole league thinks I’m a fool;

Up in here, up in here.

This whole team is soft as stool;

Man up in here, man up in here.”

Lyrics like those show why Byron Scott is regarded as the hottest new artist in the game right now.

‘The Life of Byron’ is Lakers Outsiders’ top-rated* sophomore album of all-time (*Only album in category). Scott has quickly become music’s newest megastar. Somehow, he was able to top what is regarded as the best debut album of all time with his second album. TLOB shows Byron Scott being the same animal but a different beast. The album’s opening track, ‘Ultra Light Screen & Roll Defense’, wowed fans and critics. ‘Father Cross My Arms Pt. 1’, however, was by far the album’s most popular song. A sample of Scott’s genius is below:

“Now if I call an iso,

and it’s run by Lou Will.

And we don’t score on that possession,

Imma blame someone other than Lou Will.”

Can someone say ‘Grammy’? Because no other performer deserves it more than our own B. Scott.

Now, as a Lakers Outsiders exclusive, Byron Scott is releasing an album in collaboration with Magic Johnson titled ‘Watch Fans Groan’.


Lakers Outsiders is honored to be Byron Scott’s version of TIDAL. Magic Johnson bursts onto the music scene in this collab with his longtime buddy. The duo is looking to once again become a great one-two punch, not on the court, but in the booth. The album is strong throughout, from ‘State the Obvious’ all the way down to the re-release of their 1987 hit ‘Just Say No!’.  Byron and Magic put out one of the harshest diss tracks ever, directed at the Golden State Warriors. Named ‘No Splasheline’, the song explains how the defending NBA champions wouldn’t be able to touch their Showtime Lakers. ‘Get That Celtic Ass’ Ft. James Worthy is going to set the club on fire. Here’s the hook:

(credit: Michael Transactions)

Byron Scott has put out plenty of music to help get you through what will be a long summer without basketball. He may not have had a very successful NBA season, but Byron should take home a truckload during award season. Scott will be a major player (No, not the Derek Fisher kind) when the Grammy’s roll around next February.

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