Magic Johnson is out of touch with the Lakers fanbase

If I were to end this piece right now, my point would already be made. This has been going on for long enough. Magic Johnson has been given a pass for many, if not all, for the things he’s had to say about the Lakers. People reference the ‘Showtime’ days and bring up what he did during his time as a Laker. If you took away his name from his Twitter and put his tweets on a regular account, close to nobody would agree with him. Earvin’s visit to First Take on Tuesday morning was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Magic wasn’t completely wrong with this one. I’ll give him that. Thanks to 7-of-11 shooting from three-point range, Kobe Bryant propelled the Lakers to a win against Minnesota. Some timely makes against the Pelicans helped Los Angeles get to a win in New Orleans. 20-45 shooting combined in those two games definitely didn’t help LA’s chances. 33 and 32 minutes in those games aren’t helping Bryant’s body. Magic also said he was okay with Kobe’s shot totals because Kobe can’t perform like he used to. The equivalent to that is giving an elderly person the keys to a car that would be better suited for a younger driver.

These are two different situations. Aside from this version of Peyton Manning, Denver built an elite team. The Broncos have a competent coaching staff. One — check that — the only similarity between these teams is their aging stars who are on their way out. The Lakers aren’t in any position to send Kobe out like that. They tried in the Summer of 2012, but we all know how that worked out. That is all that is needed to be said about this quote.

This quote is particularly irksome. D’Angelo Russell, whom Magic did not even mention by name at first, has been as professional as a 19-year-old could be given the circumstances placed upon him. I can’t even recall an instance where Jordan Clarkson has been unprofessional. That statement is absolutely comical.

Apologies if you were drinking something and that quote caused you to spit it out. If there has been anything the Lakers’ front office has excelled at in the past couple years, it has been scouting and drafting young talent. Not to mention that all three are not centers and all three play different styles of basketball. It honestly seems like Magic looks at the roster and checks their position (incorrectly) and height.

That’s right. Earvin said the Lakers in the late 2000’s weren’t Kobe’s team. Not the MVP’s team. They were Derek Fisher‘s team. Everything I’ve ever known is a lie. Is the dress blue or white? Is Pluto a planet or not? How does a Puppy-Monkey-Baby even come to exist? We need answers, Magic.

Magic Johnson was spared questions about former teammate and now primary source of the Lakers’ problems, Byron Scott. I thank the people at First Take because he would have undoubtedly shielded his buddy from any kind of blame for this disaster of a season. Everything Johnson has to say about the Lakers, in all aspects, is headache inducing. Magic, we are appreciative of everything you did as a player, but you need to do all of us a favor and refrain from further comments on the Lakers. Just stick to saying general things from your Twitter account. Maybe even take it a step further and do this.

Thank you to Donald Green, @TheDonaldGeeNBA, for the quotes. All stats are from

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  1. Why all that with Magic? He’s not a broadcaster and if you’re not like this account on twitter don’t access…Plain and Simple

    I agree with him in several statements. He’s one that can talk about leadership adn Kobe is not a leader. Read Phil’s last book

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