Game Preview: The Rockets come to Staples

Tonight the Lakers take on the Houston Rockets at Staples Center at 6:30 PST. While the Lakers aren’t expected to come out victorious in this contest, here are a few things that Coach Scott and the team can do to improve their chances.

  1. Play the “fun young” lineup

No, it doesn’t include Swaggy. Russell-Clarkson-Brown-Randle-Black. I don’t think it’s too unrealistic to ask for 15 minutes of this, right? Not only will this be the most entertaining lineup for the fans to watch, but it also gives the team the best chance to win. This is our future, and most of us want to see this now.

2. Please don’t play Kobe as much

*sigh* After not taking my advice during last night’s game against the Jazz, Kobe Bryant appeared to have aggravated his Achilles again. So, I won’t ask you to not play Kobe (but you really shouldn’t), but please only play him a maximum of 20 minutes. He’s sore. He should get as much rest as he can so he can finish out the season.

3. Play Ryan Kelly significant minutes at the 4.

I’ve always liked Ryan Kelly despite most fans giving him a bad rep. He’s a quality rotation player when played in the right circumstances, and I love  players who know what their role is. However, Coach Scott has yet to figure out how to play him, even though the season is half over. Pair him with a rim protector and play him at the 4. There’s your answer, Byron (we know you read the site).


This one is just for the fans, but I miss Nicholas Young. He may not be the most consistent factor, but I love watching him play

So that’s it. I hope we at least get two of these four things tonight and going forward in the season. If not, it’s going to be a more miserable second half of the year.


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