Podcast: Lakers start 2016 by beating the 76ers

Go ahead, say it. The Los Angeles Lakers are undefeated this year.

We are finished with 2015 and now finally on to 2016, where the purple and gold have yet to lose a game. That’s the good news. The bad news is that they have played one game and it was against the league’s worst team, record-wise, the Philadelphia 76ers.

In what was an ugly game for about three quarters, both teams were in a battle of who could be less terrible. But the Lakers changed that in the fourth quarter by outscoring the Sixers 31-24 en route to a 93-84 win. While it may not please the pro-tank crowd, the Lakers are winners of two consecutive games for the first time in about 11 months.

Los Angeles is now 7-27 on the season while Philadelphia drops to 3-32, as both teams still sit at the bottom of the league.

Gary and Honi get together to discuss the game, the Lakers win “streak,” and of course, tacos.

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