Warriors fan makes “Fire Coach Kerr” sign, Lakers fans snarl

Apparently it’s not just fans of the Los Angeles Lakers that want their head coach gone.

Steve Kerr has been unable to coach the Warriors so far this season as he recovers from back surgery, so Walton has been at the helm for the defending champions. To say he has done well would be an understatement, as the team won it’s first 24 games of the season en route to their current 28-1 record.

With Golden State thriving under Walton’s command, it appears that one fan is ready to officially hand the former member of the Lakers the keys to the Warriors.

Screen Shot 2015-12-25 at 5.22.47 PM
(Courtesy: ESPN/ABC)









Obviously, we are unable to see the top half of the sign, and it could very well be designed to be humorous. But regardless of the intentions, it’s silly to joke about firing the man that helped your favorite team win their first NBA championship in 40 years.

If you don’t want either Walton or Kerr, I think I speak for Lakers fans everywhere when I say that we will certainly take them. We will even let you choose between the two.

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