A survival guide to the Lakers’ season

The Lakers were never making the playoffs this season, but no one thought they would start off this badly. On paper, this year’s team is much improved than last season and after 12 games with a fairly easy schedule, they have a worse record than last year (2-10).

It’s not the bad start that has most fans depressed and disappointed, however, it’s how Byron Scott has coached the team. D’Angelo Russell has been benched in multiple fourth quarters , Brandon Bass has played out of position, Kobe Bryant played 37 minutes (!) twice and Lou Williams has not lived up to expectations. If these head-scratchers continue, then it will be a long and depressing season, again. Oh, and the Lakers will lose their pick this year unless it is a top-three selection. So far, the Lakers’ season went from excitement to disappointment quickly. Luckily for you guys, I came up with a few fun ways to help survive another long season. I hope my survival guide list can help people cope in a healthy way, which means no alcohol (unless you ship me some).

Take your anger out on 2K

This is simple and the most effective way to transfer your anger: by virtually defeating the Lakers’ opponents for them. I started this method back in middle school and I still use it now. Let’s say the Lakers play the Warriors and get destroyed by 30 points, you would recreate the same scenario on 2K and try your best to get revenge. Forget Byron Scott. You can create the lineup and dictate the players’ minutes the way you find fit. Play Russell over 40 minutes and bench Kobe Bryant if you want to. Dunk over Stephen Curry and break his ankles. The whole Lakers are under your control. Trust me, it feels amazing to get revenge.

Vent your displeasure on social media and interact with the rest of Lakers Twitter

I didn’t start to get involved in Lakers Twitter until this season, and I think it’s the best decision I’ve made all year. I’ve made a lot of new friends that share the same passion as I do for the Lakers. It is especially” fun” when Byron Scott does something crazy like benched Russell in the fourth quarter or when he told his team to “man up.” He even says things  like this, which makes no sense at all. Lakers Twitter explodes, and you can grab your popcorn and enjoy the show, or be a part of it too! Sometimes, the tweets are bad and sometimes they’re fire, but at the end of the day it keeps you entertained and takes your attention away from the misery you see on TV.

Express your concerns and share your thoughts through writing

Writing is my source of therapy and it could be yours, too. I joined the Lakers Outsiders in August and I was fortunate enough to have an outlet to share my thoughts and frustrations about the Lakers to a moderately large audience. You can join a Lakers blogging site like this one or you can create your own. The main key is to start writing and never stop. It really does help lighten the disappointment and anger that I feel about the Lakers. You have the freedom to write and explore ideas about the Lakers that you feel should be addressed.

Be creative

You can find a lot of artistic ways to express your passion for the Lakers. Honi, a fellow Lakers Outsiders contributor, made a bingo card based on the outrageous quotes Byron Scott has said over his coaching career. It was genius and it spread like wildfire. “Masta Red Snappa” has created  hilarious comics series based on the Lakers. You should follow both of them because they are really funny. These are just some few examples of imaginative ways to inspire you to be artistic. You can have fun and make people laugh in a season filled with frowns and tears.

Cover your eyes and think about the future

If things are not working out now, then surely they will in the future. Believe it or not, the Lakers have a bright future ahead of them. They have a solid young core they can build around for years to come. In a season where wins are scarce, achieving small victories from the development of the Lakers’ young players can help us stay optimistic. The Lakers won’t be bad forever, in two or three years they will rise and contend like they did before.

I know it is difficult being a Lakers fan these past few years, but even in a season as depressing as this one, we can still find ways to be happy and smile. I hope my list will help Lakers’ fan everywhere cope with this year. Please feel free to contact me if you think I should put other interesting ways to survive this season on my list!

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