Five important stories from around the Lakers

  • Jordan Clarkson does not know what a sophomore slump is

Clarkson took a few lessons from Stephen Curry this offseason, as his three-point percentage has went up from 31.4 percent to 44.7 percent. Clarkson’s improvement from deep is impressive, ranking 16th in the NBA (Sharing the same percentage as Kevin Durant). Last season, the Lakers did not have a player rank close to that with Wayne Ellington ranking 58th with a percentage of 37 percent.

  • No one should dare Curry to score more than 81

The Los Angeles Lakers are the worst shooting team in the league. They are shooting a measly 41.5 percent while the Golden State Warriors lead the league with a field goal percentage of 48.1 percent. These two teams will meet on November 24th, and Curry will look to break the Lakers’ soul. The Lakers hope to achieve one of the more difficult upsets since the last time they played the Warriors. What is the game plan to stop this man?

  • Larry Nance, Jr is better than your favorite dunker?

Lou Williams is known for having two girlfriends, a sixth man of the year award and a unique ability to draw a foul on three pointers. This means that he is somewhat credible. He recently told Mike Trudell that he thinks Nance is a better dunker than Blake Griffin. The son of the first dunk contest winner has amazing ability in air and has not shied away from attempting to dunk on people. I would love to see Nance try to pull off a 360 dunk while tweeting out a Kobe Bryant apology.

  • Lou Williams cannot buy a bucket

The reigning Sixth Man of the Year has not seen his shot go down like it did last year. His field goal percentage has gone down eight percent to an abysmal 32.7 percent. His three pointer has seen a similar decline from 34 percent last year to 22.4 percent. This is not optimal. Williams’ struggle may have to do with being a point guard in some lineups, a role that he has not held in years.

  • Huertas IS the top entertainer in the NBA

Marcelo Huertas has sacrificed a lot in the NBA. His ankles have been the target of many point guards in the association, but at what cost? Vine stardom? Twitter banter? He should consider playing better defense. But on a more serious note, the Brazilian has found comfort in committing early fouls to stop his man from driving past him on plays and can not handle pick and rolls at this level of competition. While he might be the worst defender in the NBA, his offensive struggles as a playmaker have not helped him gain minutes even after an impressive preseason.

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