Poll: Should Byron Scott Be Fired?

It’s 11:30 PM PST on a night where the Lakers fell to 1-7. Byron Scott has driven fans insane with his actions on the court and his quotes off it.

Wednesday night, there was some legitimate shock throughout social media that D’Angelo Russell was finally playing in a fourth quarter. Fans were stoked to see that, but dismayed when they looked at the box score and saw Jordan Clarkson played zero (count them ZERO) fourth quarter minutes.

Oh, and then there’s that whole Julius Randle-being-benched-for-the-final-possession fiasco.

It seems like for every step taken forward, Scott takes a couple backward. There is no non-awkward time to ask this question, so I’ll just come out and ask:

Should Byron Scott be fired?

Author: Anthony F. Irwin

The old guy.

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