Robert Upshaw to sign with the D-Fenders, according to report

Everyone can breathe now, big man Robert Upshaw will stay in Los Angeles and play for the D-Fenders. Last week Upshaw was cut from the Lakers, creating a huge uproar among fans. Most people believed that he was the more talented center and had more upside when put side-by-side with Robert Sacre.

Scott elected to go with the more experienced center in Sacre, leaving Upshaw off of the roster. Upshaw didn’t impress the organization enough for them to keep him, especially with his troubled past. He stayed out of trouble since summer and lost 20 pounds to get himself in basketball shape.

It’s good to see him get a chance to play for the D-Fenders, and this will benefit both parties. The Lakers can call Upshaw up to play for them if he shows that he can dominate as basketball player and mature as a person. Upshaw can take this opportunity to play for the D-Fenders and proved to the NBA that he is not the same college player who was exiled twice.

Hopefully Upshaw can shine in the D-League and stay out of trouble. At least with the D-Fenders, the Lakers can keep a close eye on him.

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