Aloha Lakers, Until Next Time

The Lakers’ time in Hawaii is up, and it’s sad to see them go, but their stay here was amazing. On behalf of the people in Hawaii, I want to extend my mahalo to the Lakers and the Utah Jazz for deciding to host their first two preseason game in my home state. I wish they would have stayed a little longer for fans who couldn’t buy tickets to the game because both games were sold out.

I had the wonderful opportunity to attend my first Lakers’ game on Sunday. The Lakers’ nation was out in full force. Hundreds of fans were waiting two to three hours before the game at the security entrance hoping to catch their beloved Lakers. I was fortunate enough to capture these moments on Vine.

An hour before the game started, lines were already forming up to get in the arena, remember, this was a preseason game.

I’ve never been to any Lakers’ game before, but the atmosphere on Sunday did not felt like it was just an exhibition game; it felt real.

One of the most vivid memories I had of the game was during a timeout where they introduced A.C Green. I was unsure if the fans even knew who he was, so I was surprised when they gave him a loud applaud and ovation. This showed me that the fan in Hawaii understand the Lakers’ history and tradition. Not only do they support the current team, they also appreciate the teams in the past. Although, the Lakers dropped their first game in a blowout lost to the Jazz, 90-71, at the end of the game, the fans still cheered and supported the Lakers. Win or lose, we love the Lakers a lot.

The Lakers not only brought their game back to Hawaii, but they also took along their spirit and instilled it to the community. The Lakers visited the local YMCA and the Boys and Girls Club of Hawaii.


For these kids, the only time they had ever seen the Lakers was on T.V., so this was a potentially once in a lifetime chance for them to see their idols and favorite players in alive and in person, and interacting with them to boot! Some of them even got the chance to play Julius Randle to a game of one on one, and Randle didn’t take the challenge lightly.

Randle blocks kid

The bright and wide smile on these kid faces are priceless (via the Lakers’ Instagram)


We are a state that is passionate for sports and one that is desperate for a professional franchise. The Pro Bowl, a tradition that was hosted in Hawaii for as long as I can remember, was relocated to Arizona. We are grateful that the Lakers decided to return back to their second home after a long hiatus. They brought excitement and competitive spirit to Hawaii during their short trip here, I hope they enjoyed their stay. Mahalo to the Lakers for bringing their aloha to us, we would love it for them to return back in the near future.

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