Lakers Outsiders Fantasy Football League Week One Results

With week one basically in the books, it’s time to post the results (pending Monday miracles for the teams trailing their matchups) of week one of our Lakers Outsiders fantasy football league:


Rookie contributor Honi Ahmadian (who wrote his bold predictions for the Lakers season here) is off to a strong start and was the week’s high scorer with 145.5. Bringing up the rear, as usual, is founding member of the Lakers Outsiders Gary Kester with 68.5 points (almost nice).

Early voting prediction time: Who do you think is going to win the league? Starting next week, we are going to involve you, the viewer, by offering up a prize for the person who comes closest to predicting our Week 2 matchups, which we will reveal later this week. The prize will be announced on Facebook in the next couple of days so don’t forget to like us there!

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