Predicting The Lakers’ Remaining Schedule

68 games down, 14 to go. As the Lakers begin their final stretch of the season, I thought it would be a good time to predict the rest of the games. Here is how I see the remaining games going:

Tuesday March 24: @ Oklahoma City. Predicted Result: LOSS

Even though OKC will be without Serge Ibaka, they still have Russell Westbrook and much more talent than the Lakers. If the Thunder lose this game, we all can realistically start wondering if they will make the playoffs.

Wednesday March 25: @Minnesota. Predicted Result: LOSS

This game will be a major factor in determining how much of a chance the Lakers have of finishing with the 3rd worst record in the NBA. Being the 2nd game of a back-to-back and also on the road, the Timberwolves should win this one.

Friday March 27: @Portland. Predicted Result: LOSS

Sunday March 29: @Brooklyn. Predicted Result: LOSS

Monday March 30: @Philadelphia. Predicted Result: WIN

Expect much of the same from the Lakers-76ers game from March 22nd. The 76ers have mastered the art of tanking and add the fact that they would get the Lakers’ pick if it falls out of the Top 5, I see a Lakers victory here.

Wednesday April 1: vs New Orleans. Predicted Result: LOSS

As long as Anthony Davis is playing, the Pelicans should find a way to win this game.

Friday April 3: vs Portland. Predicted Result: LOSS

The Lakers have been victims of “Video Game Dame” multiple times this year and expect it to happen again here.

Sunday April 5: vs Los Angeles Clippers. Predicted Result: LOSS

The Clippers will be in the thick of the playoff seeding race. No time to lose to Los Angeles’ cooler basketball team.

Tuesday April 7: @ Los Angeles Clippers. Predicted Result: LOSS

(See analysis under “Sunday April 5: vs Los Angeles Clippers)

Wednesday April 8: @ Denver: Predicted Result: LOSS

The Lakers wouldn’t win 2 games in a season @ Denver when they were title contenders, so it surely won’t happen this year, right?

Friday April 10: vs Minnesota: Predicted Result: WIN

Possibly the ultimate game that decides who finishes with the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th worst record in the NBA so what will the Lakers do? Exactly what they shouldn’t.

Sunday April 12: vs Dallas: Predicted Result: LOSS

Monday April 13: @ Sacramento: Predicted Result: LOSS

Wednesday April 15: vs Sacramento: Predicted Result: WIN

Ah, the good ol finale versus Sacramento. The Lakers will end the season on a “high” note by winning a game that HOPEFULLY doesn’t affect their position for the lottery.

Predicted record over the final 14 games: 3-11

Predicted record at season’s end: 21-61

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