Friends of the Show

An updating list of some of our recurring podcast guests. Click the names to find them on Twitter!

Justin Russo

An avid Clippers fan, prolific tweeter, and proud cat owner, Justin writes for But the Game is On. When he is not writing a rebuttal on why Chris Paul is not a whiny flopper, he is usually watching every single sporting event that is on while simultaneously and making .gifs out of the best clips.

Arthur Moritz

A Lakers fan hailing from down under, Arthur is the Lakers Outsiders Australian capologist/ analytics department. Better with numbers than Wilt Chamberlain in the club.

Mark Gonzalez-

Better known as FEAR LA, Mark is the man behind the curtain in this Wizard of Oz analogy. A comedian by profession, God once visited him and bestowed the gift of T-Shirt designing (probably). Mark is better at social media than you.

Tom Fehr-

A Kansas native and huge fan of the Royals who writes about the Lakers for Silver Screen and Roll (and who tweets far too much about both), Tom is probably best known for his adorable dog, Suzy. If you try to tell him Jerry West could not play in today’s NBA he will call you an idiot.

Craig Freeman-

Another friend of the show from Australia (we’re huge down under), Craig works in digital media for Basketball Victoria. His hobbies include surfing, crocodile wrestling, and fistfights with kangaroos (or whatever it is Australians do for fun).


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