Three most anticipated things in Russell Westbrook documentary

Russell Westbrook
Russell Westbrook will be the subject of “Passion Play,” a Showtime Documentary (Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images)

Russell Westbrook is the epitome of heart and soul. What he has brought to the game of basketball is everything coaches and organizations teach. There hasn’t been a whole lot in the way of how Westbrook developed this way. It’s only right that he gets to tell his story to the world.

Westbrook will be airing his documentary on Showtime titled Passion Play. It is an appropriately named movie for an appropriately described guy. Ahead of his entertainment debut, I look at some of the exciting points of his story we have to anticipate.

Origins of The Brodie

I don’t think there is a more Californian NBA player than Westbrook. You can see it in his eccentric fashion and undying love for his brothers. You know that he values the concept of a family. Despite the way he’s talked about, all his teammates routinely speak highly of him. His chronicling of his upbringing will give us an insight on how this came about and the way those roots have grown. Russ has dealt with growing up in an area with many challenges. Death is also something he’s unfortunately been close to. The details on this will undergo elaboration. 

Westbrook’s Vulnerability

We only know one side of Russ, and that’s the way he goes 100 miles per hour. I’m excited to see the family man and brother that we’ve gotten to see in snippets. If you’ve seen his Instagram, he shows that family is the core of life.

For many of us, our loved ones bring out the side of us that the world will never fully know. I’m sure that isn’t going to be any different from The Brodie. 

Clearing The Air

As stated, Westbrook is always getting a bad tag from pundits. They call him selfish. He’s pegged as a stat-padder. If you let some of the haters tell it, he ran Kevin Durant out of town. Only a fool would believe that he’s any of those things on a daily basis. Even he knows what people are saying out there, as he spoke about in his Washington Wizards introductory press conference:

“Where do you want me to start? Listen, I think the underlining thing about that is 90 percent or 100 percent of it is not even true. A lot of times, the things that are made up are by people that don’t actually know me to be able to say anything about me or what I’m about, or what I believe in,” Westbrook said, perhaps referring to rumors about him as a teammate.

Russ is going to tell his story on those things that people misconceive. You’re going to see why he goes so hard, and naturally, that leads to mistakes. He will also show why those mistakes also mean a lot to him. 

The Los Angeles Lakers are the perfect team for Russell Westbrook. Personally, he’s spoken at great length about being a life-long fan. Aside from that, it’s an organization that’s always shared a unique affection towards it’s superstars. We see how much love Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant, and even guys like Trevor Ariza have been received. You combine this love with what we will learn in Westbrook’s documentary, and it’s sure to do away with some of the misconceptions about him.


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