NBA Trade Rumors: Kawhi Leonard “wants out” of San Antonio, prefers Los Angeles

With the free agent madness looming, Kawhi Leonard and the San Antonio Spurs moved front and center on Friday afternoon.

According to multiple reports, including Shams Charania of Yahoo Sports and Chris Haynes of ESPN, Kawhi Leonard reportedly wants to leave the Spurs organization.

Considering a pair of unrelated sources tweeted essentially the exact same tweet within seconds of one another, it’s safe to assume this report holds a considerable amount of weight.

Even more promising for the Lakers is that Leonard has Los Angeles and the Lakers as his preferred destination.

This situation is one that has been brewing for the Spurs and Leonard for quite some time. Earlier this week, it was reported that the Spurs were not listening to offers for Leonard despite the Celtics making a proposal and the Sixers and Lakers inquiries into Leonard’s availability.

A package for Leonard would likely require a good chunk of the Lakers’ young core and would require the Lakers use Luol Deng in the trade as salary ballast. But with the Lakers no longer owing draft picks after this season and sporting a tantalizing young core, it’s hard not to imagine Los Angeles being in one of the driver’s seats for Leonard.

The aforementioned Celtics and Sixers both likely slot in right next to the Lakers but, much like we saw last off-season with George, Leonard has just one year left on his contract and can dictate, to a degree, which teams he’ll go to. If the former Finals MVP wants to go to Los Angeles badly enough, he can threaten teams that he won’t re-sign and force a potential move to Los Angeles.

With free agency upcoming, the Lakers could also make the move for Leonard now and walk into pitch meetings with both LeBron James and Paul George alongside Leonard, making the Lakers all the more tantalizing.



  1. […] As with every rumor this time of year, it’s important to note from where this report originates. Stein is one of the most respected and reliable reporters out there but his sources for this story are clearly other organizations that are likely speculating on George’s decision rather than having a firm understanding of it. Additionally, rival teams stand to gain from George becoming reluctant to sign with the Lakers who can potentially form a super team with the Thunder forward playing alongside LeBron James and Kawhi Leonard if the dominoes fall as intended. […]


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